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With TikTok, we’ll turn your audience into a community.
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With TikTok, we’ll turn your audience into a community.

TikTok is no longer just for singing and dancing. It’s a way for brands to be real with their audience. We use TikTok in your social strategy to create memories, increase share-ability and build your social currency.

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69% of TikTok users feel a deeper connection to the brands that they interact with on the platform (vs other sites and apps that they use).

We create #ForYou

What We do

We create #ForYou

Think TikTok is just for Gen Z? Think again. Whilst yes, Gen Z does dominate the platform currently, there are over 1 billion monthly active users of all ages. They’re discovering, following and buying from brands – not just people. 

TikTok users are 74% more likely to discover products from an ad (vs shopping directly on marketplaces). TikTok’s ability to reach new customers organically is unmatched. No matter your brand, there’s an avenue you can turn down en route to your customer’s journey. 

Want people to say “Have you seen that TikTok?”

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How we do it

We’ll tell the world your story.

Worried your brand doesn’t have a story to tell yet? We also offer social media strategies where we define your organisation’s personality and brand ethos creating the perfect tone of voice and social presence for your target audience.

We understand that every brand is different and always ensure we only suggest the right social platforms for your business.

As well as researching and creating topics for your posts we also write all of the copy bespoke for each platform, schedule, analyse and manage your social media accounts.


increase in website traffic.


79% increase in organic reach.


uplift in social followers.


increase in brand recognition.

When it comes to Social Media, your hassle is our hustle. We live and breathe all things social!

Our work

Check out our Instagram for our latest work and all things #social.

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