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Tune into your East Midlands customers' soundtrack.
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Tune into your East Midlands customers’ soundtrack.

We use Spotify advertising to serve highly targeted audio and video content to your potential customers in East Midlands when they’re in a good mood.

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Over 160 million active Spotify free users listen for an average of 2.5 hours a day.

Add us to your playlist.

What We do

Add us to your playlist.

Music for the younger generation? Think again. These users have flown the nest, and are mostly ages 25 to 34, while 40% of Spotify’s free users have a university degree and 34% earn over £34k per year.

Spotify ads in East Midlands outperform traditional radio advertising with ease, offering infinitely greater targeting and tracking. Their ads target users based on their location, interests, and demographic.

With the right audio or video content, your cost per lead could be pocket-sized. You’ll be pleased to hear that our talented creative team knows just how to engage with your audience.

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How we do it

We deliver a powerful digital strategy to elevate your return on investment.

We’re a down-to-earth, straight-talking team who realise the importance of understanding your marketplace, your competitors and how your customers think.

We understand that all clients are different and need different levels of reporting – you want a full custom data studio, that’s great; you want a quick weekly or monthly update on your key metrics, you’ve got it!

Whatever you choose, you can be confident that we’re working hard behind the scenes to maximise your return on investment.

Hammond Cars are motoring along with Spotify Ads

Raising brand awareness through cost effective digital media

We employed Spotify to target job seekers.

We utilised the power of Spotify to build awareness and drive job applications in Bangalore.

Blue is the colour with Spotify

Spotify was the perfect fix generate awareness about upcoming football fixtures.


increase in unique website users.


saving on previous campaigns.


increase in website enquiries.


increase in turnover, year on year.

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Our digital marketing services are designed to help your business grow.

Our work

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