CNS Media have over forty five years of combined experience in advertising & marketing

<div class='title'><h5><strong>Alpha Heating</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Alpha Heating started out as quality installers of central heating and grew to become one of the largest and most... <a href='/portfolio/alpha-heating'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Trust Security</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Established in 1979, Trust Security Systems Ltd is a family run firm you can trust to do far more to... <a href='/portfolio/trust-security'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Ash Waste Recycling</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>A family run business with a wealth of experience in the recycling industry, specialising in skip hire, waste disposal and... <a href='/portfolio/ash-waste-recycling'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Chesterfield Party Shop</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Chesterfield Party Shop are a well established local business, they have been in Chesterfield for many years and they are... <a href='/portfolio/chesterfield-party-shop'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Dave Stone Design</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Dave Stone Design have over 20 years experience in designing and fitting high quality kitchens in the Chesterfield area... <a href='/portfolio/dave-stone-design'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Couture Cake Club</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Couture Cake Club offer excellent online tutorials and physical classes to their subscribed customers.... <a href='/portfolio/couture-cake-club'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Astra Furniture</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Astra Furniture are major stockists of quality flooring, beds and mattresses.... <a href='/portfolio/astra-furniture'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Knightons Furniture</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Knightons Furniture is a family business with a forty year pedigree in quality hand made suites.... <a href='/portfolio/knightons-furniture'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Hodkin & Jones</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>For more than 140 years Hodkin & Jones have been associated with the design and manufacture of Fibrous Plaster, Glass... <a href='/portfolio/hodkin-jones'>Find out more »</a></h6></div> <div class='title'><h5><strong>Hip By Design</strong> - CLIENT PORTFOLIO</h5><h6>Hip by design are a one-stop shop for bags, jewellery & accessories, gorgeous gifts and treasures for the home.... <a href='/portfolio/hip-by-design'>Find out more »</a></h6></div>

Plus a proven track record for providing innovative and, more importantly, effective marketing solutions for our ever expanding client base.

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Full Service Marketing & Design Agency

CNS Media are proud to be a Full Service design, web design and marketing agency based in Chesterfield that delivers all aspects of your marketing campaign, from the original conception of the creative, to the design and production element and finally to the advertising placement and media booking.

The company was established in August 2006 with the aim to specialise in our vast knowledge of the online sector, we also have many years of experience in traditional marketing and design, over the last six years we have now grown into a team of seven and have expertise in many areas including: Online marketing, Radio and press, two full time web and graphic designers, a full time web developer and accounts and admin.

We have manage to build a great team that can cater for all of your design, web design, development and marketing requirements. CNS have a team you can trust and rely on to deliver exactly what you need

Mission Statement: Our aim is to provide the very best ongoing marketing results for our clients and develop long term business partners that totally value the CNS Media brand.