Youtube Advertising

“The number of people watching YouTube each day has increased by 40% y/y since March 2014.” - YouTube

Why Is It Affordable?

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google, so it’s important to consider it as part of your digital marketing strategy.

The unique thing about YouTube advertising is that it is affordable for all business types and since AdWords launched TrueView it is a much more cost effective source of advertising.

With TrueView YouTube advertising, which is done via AdWords, you can ensure you only pay when your ads are clicked or when a certain amount of an ad is watched by a user (cost per view). This creates the opportunity for free brand awareness.

What Forms Of Ads Can We Use?


In-stream ads are video adverts which play before or during another video from a YouTube partner. After 5 seconds a user can skip your ads, but you will only pay if they watch 30 seconds or more.

You have probably seen In-Stream ads when you are watching YouTube content – lots of big brands use them, which means they are great for building trust as users associate this kind of ad space with reputable brands.


These ads show at the start of YouTube content which is ten minutes or longer. These are the kind of ads where you can chose between three different adverts or you may just be shown one ad. You’ll only pay for these when users actually watch the video.


Much like the style of AdWords text ads, In-Search ads appear when someone searches YouTube. They are placed in the top and right hand side of the video results page. Like all the other True-View ad formats, you’ll only pay for these ads when a user chooses to watch them.


In-display are different to other YouTube ad formats because they don’t strictly serve your ads on YouTube’s website. Ads can appear beside YouTube content which is embedded on other websites which are part of the Google Display Network. Like normal True-View YouTube ads you will only pay if your ad is watched.

Who and What Can I target via Youtube?

Demographic Targeting (Age / Gender)

Demographic targeting should be used in conjunction with another targeting type like keywords or topic contextual targeting. If your product suits a particular demographic, you can select this in addition to your other targeting.

Interest Category Targeting

This is different to ‘topic’ targeting because it’s based on the interests of the user, rather than the topic of the content. Like demographic targeting, we would recommend using this in conjunction with another contextual targeting method, such as keywords or topics.

Topic Targeting

Topic targeting is about the subject matter of the page, rather than the interest of the user. For example you could target all pages which are relevant to the topic of beauty. It is a good way to ensure the content your ad appears alongside is relevant to your service or product.

Contextual Keyword Targeting

This is the traditional type of display advertising where you can specify keywords and allow Google to place your ads on all content relevant to those keywords. This is known as Automatic Contextual Targeting.

Managed Placements

If you would like to target specific YouTube pages you could use Managed Placements to list specific pages you would like to have your ads on. This is a good targeting method if you know specific pages will work well or are particularly relevant, however if a page is very popular and lots of advertisers are bidding for it you will need to ensure your bid is competitive.

Excluding certain categories and content on YouTube will ensure that your ad will never show alongside anything you don’t want your brand associated with.

If you’d like your ads to show on the Home page of YouTube you will need a much larger ad spend and you’ll also need to speak to your AdWords rep.

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