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CNS Media have a proven track record for creating effective radio, TV and press advertisements for our ever expanding client base in Chesterfield.

Traditional Media

So-called ‘traditional’ media has been in decline since the internet became popular in the early years of the new millennium and while this has been bad news for the ‘old school’ advertising industry, it has presented a great opportunity for the clients of full service marketing agencies in Chesterfield like us, because the cost has decreased and the quality has increased – with the right campaign, response levels can be as good if not better than ever!

To achieve great results, it is essential that your message is up-to-date and consistent across all of your advertising channels, because it is very likely that your target customers will come into contact with at least two of your marketing channels before making an enquiry. As we offer all forms of marketing under one roof, we are perfectly placed to help you with your advertising campaigns in Chesterfield

The great and unique thing about traditional media is that you can target an audience which isn’t actively looking for your product or service, and furthermore you have their attention during their leisure time. While online marketing is very efficient, it relies heavily on the fact that the audience is actively looking for your product or service.

Sky Ad-Smart

TV advertising has always been out of reach for all but the largest of companies selling universally popular products, small and niche sectors have found it nowhere near targetted enough and therefore prohibitively expensive.

Recent advances in technology, particularly with Sky TV, means we are able to reach a very targetted TV audience with a very reasonable budget. Essentially, we can work with our clients and our contacts at Sky TV to target their audience by demographic and even personal data, such as what car they drive – rather than by guessing which TV program they like to watch! Budgets can be realistic too because there is no wastage, if Mr Jones from John Street sees your ad, then you pay for an impression, if he doesn’t then you don’t pay anything!

We realise that time is often of the essence and can produce very high quality ads quickly and efficiently within a very sensible budget

Why use Commercial Radio?

It is a traditional yet highly effective advertising medium that allows you to capitalise on the unique relationship between the station and the listener.

Our experienced team can put together highly successful tactical and strategic campaigns for our clients, by knowing and understanding your target market we can create a message that cuts through the clutter and allows you to talk directly to them in a language they will understand.

To many people new to radio advertising, it can be a daunting prospect dealing directly with each station. That is where we come in and make it easy for you! We handle the whole process from initial brief, to writing and producing the commercial and booking the campaign with the relevant station.

Press Advertising

Rumours of the death of printed advertising have been greatly exaggerated, people still read and subscribe to newspapers and magazines and welcome their arrival through the letterbox. Magazine ads allow you to reach a targeted audience while special interest and trade titles have specialist readerships, ads in local newspapers offer an unrivaled opportunity to reach large numbers of people in Chesterfield

Our continued, long-standing relationship with local print media titles means we can negotiate the best rates and positions for our clients while working on a cost-neutral basis, in a nutshell we do all the leg-work and negotiation on your behalf and it doesn’t cost you anything, because we get paid by the papers instead.

While our designers are very creative, they are led by a scientific approach to capture as many good quality enquiries as possible, so you can rest assured your ad is working hard to produce enquiries for you.

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