Pay Per Click (PPC)

"Sponsored results account for nearly 65% of clicks for commercial keyword searches"

"CNS Media can design bespoke PPC campaigns"

You’ve no doubt heard of PPC advertising, but do you know the benefit of such a marketing and promotional method? PPC was developed to help drive people to your website to help generate leads, business or brand awareness.

In simple terms CNS Media can design bespoke PPC campaigns to help you reach your online audience and it works by simply bidding on keywords that are relevant to your online advertising campaign predominantly but not solely through Google AdWords.

Although this may sound relatively straightforward we can assure you it isn’t and other factors can affect the response you receive from online advertising. Google recognise that other businesses similar to yours are also competing for the same keywords, and so your AdWords campaign will be quality scored by other methods such as Ad quality or the landing page you have linked your Ad to. If your landing page content is not relevant to the Ad you have created then this can also hinder your Ad score.

We build your campaign based on a number of factors including:

  • Relevant keyword and phrase building
  • Well-structured and relevant Ad creation
  • Specific content landing pages that are relevant to your keywords and Ads
  • Ongoing refinement of campaigns to ensure you are getting the maximum results to achieve your targets

"Help your business generate leads"

The great thing about PPC advertising is that it can be turned on straight away and help generate more traffic to your website. This sounds great, but caution must be exercised because you don’t want to get in a situation where you are spending large amounts on AdWord campaigns, but not generating income in return.

CNS Media can take this stress away from you by designing comprehensive and well-structured AdWord campaigns to help your business generate leads and most importantly business.

Before we undertake any PPC advertising on your behalf we would first conduct pre-research to ensure there is a sufficient market that would be looking for your products or services. We would also take into consideration what other similar competitors are doing.

Before any campaign is launched all aspects are considered carefully and in full co-operation with you. Ultimately we want to help you achieve the maximum return at the minimum cost.

“Google AdWords works”

Google AdWords works, but only if it is structured correctly. From our experience we have dealt with a number of customers who have decided to utilise this service, but who had limited experience with it and were not achieving the full potential from their campaigns. Why not let the experts take control and take away the stress of developing a structured Adwords campaign and watch as the leads and sales begin increasing!

CNS Clients generally enjoy a cost-to-sale rate of around 10%. Why don’t you get involved now?

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With a wealth of experience in creating and managing campaigns, we can very often find simple and effective ways to reduce your cost per click, improve the click through rate and reduce the overall cost per lead of your PPC campaigns.

Put us to the test. It won’t cost you a penny!

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