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CNS Media provide bespoke mobile app development to businesses in Chesterfield and have many nationwide clients

iOS, Android and Windows Compatible Apps

The possibilities are pretty much endless as to how you could use a mobile/tablet app to improve the efficiency, profitability or turnover of your business. A winner for us at present is our own interactive sales presentation iPad app, we particularly love this because it makes the days of ‘death by Powerpoint’ a thing of the past – how many times have you sighed to yourself when a Sales Rep opens their laptop ready to bore you to tears for half an hour!

Furthermore, once we have used the app with its built-in ROI calculator to prove that our services work, the client almost always asks us to quote to develop them their own version of if – because they have just seen us use it to such great effect!

Case Study - Our own App...

Our working relationship with members of the motor trade has given us a great insight to selling products and services – structure is vital to ensure sales people can reach their potential, this is definitely not about selling things to people who don’t need them, it is about not making assumptions about people and what they need or want. Our app has been designed to give strategic prompts, key facts and figures, working examples and ROI calculators in a relatively informal manner which simply doesn’t ‘get in the way’ like a Powerpoint presentation on a laptop so easily can.

If the presentation needs updating, we publish the update to the app store and each device automatically downloads it from the cloud, just like it would with any other app – for privacy and security, distribution is of course limited to authorised devices.

Rapid, Cost-Effective Development for All Devices

Clients sometimes approach us with an idea for an ‘iPhone app’ and not much thought is given to catering for Android and Windows users because of the perceived extra cost, the current UK smartphone market share is approximately 30% for iphone, 60% for Android and 7.5% for Windows – statistics which make it pretty obvious that Android shouldn’t be ignored!

Our efficient method of development means that your app can be quickly created/updated for any or all of the main mobile operating systems, essentially most of the work is done once and then bespoke compilation makes the app compatible as required – not only does this save time and money, but it also ensures that the app looks and works consistently across all devices.

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