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Reach for the sky with AdSmart in Aberdeen.
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Reach for the sky with AdSmart in Aberdeen.

With Sky Adsmart in Aberdeen, TV advertising is now accessible and allows us to target audiences by age, gender, location and lifestyle. Pretty smart right?

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Sky Adsmart reaches more than 30 million people in the UK.

Even if you’ve never heard of Sky Adsmart, you’ve probably seen an advert served through its groundbreaking technology, with 75% of all the top 100 advertisers using the Adsmart platform.

The revolution is being televised.

What We do

The revolution is being televised.

Sky AdSmart has a revolutionary approach to TV advertising; it’s targeting abilities are so advanced that different ads can be shown to different people in Aberdeen watching the same programme at the same time.

Households in Aberdeen can be selected based on factors such as age, location, lifestyle or even if they have a cat!

Don’t advertise by channel, advertise by audience!

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why sky adsmart

Speak directly to your audience with the most effective form of advertising.

How we do it

We understand your business, your audience and your competition in Aberdeen.

We’re experts in marketing and know what makes your customers tick, we use this to maximise your return on investment. We can also plan your campaign across all online and offline marketing platforms in Aberdeen.

With this, we are also able to analyse your website traffic to ensure that all our above the line campaigns also translate into website visits, enquiries and purchases.

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Our work

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