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If you’ve ever wanted to advertise using radio but have been put off by the costs and spending money to advertise to an audience that not be relevant, then Spotify Advertising is for you.

With Spotify, not only can you connect with your audience when they are in the moment (working out, cooking, listening to music on their phones/smart speakers),but you can actually make sure your ads are heard and seen by the right people, thanks to Spotify’s data driven audiences and demographic targeting.

Let CNS Media guide you down the path to a cost effective, results driven audio advertising campaign, and get results from every penny spent with Spotify Advertising.

Benefits of Spotify Advertising

Measurable Results

Audio ads drive a 17 percent increase in ad recall and a 5 percent increase in brand awareness. Plus, you get a full breakdown of impressions, clicks and engagement after each campaign, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Reach Your Target Audience

You can target people based on real data that Spotify has on each account; things like age, gender, location, platform, interests. You can even reach people during key moments like when they soundtrack a particular moment (listening a workout playlist? Let’s advertise some gym gear!)

Combine Aural with Visual

You can run video adverts on the platform too, direct to desktops and phone devices. In fact, combining audio and video ads results in a 1.9x increase in ad recall and a 2.2x increase in brand awareness than video ads alone.

Who is streaming on Spotify?

68% of streams happen on mobile devices

That means we can push ads through people’s ears, and you’ve got a completely captive audience. Spotify can leverage device data to further tailor the audience for every campaign, again reducing the wastage.

Spotify Free skews significantly more ‘Millennial’.

Of all Spotify’s Free users in the UK, the largest percentage (around 55%) of listeners are in the 15-34 year old demographic, versus commercial radio, which skews 35+.

56% of Spotify users are male.

Unlike commercial radio stations that tend to skew one way or the other, Spotify has a fairly even mix, owing to the nature of user curated content.

Spotify Advertising is Cost Effective

You can get up and running with Spotify quickly and easily, and CNS Media are here to help put your campaign into practice. We can work with budgets from as low as £1,000 over a 30 day period and will give advice on setting your targetting to deliver the most results.

Creating your ads

Eseentially, you need a radio ready advert. With smaller SME’s, who haven’t done radio advertising before, this may seem like a daunting prospect, but our team can help write scripts, select stock music and we even have a voice over artist to bring your script to life. Or, alternatively, you can supply a “ready to go” audio clip and we’ll take it from there.

It’s as simple as that. Are you ready to get on air?

WHO WE WORK WITH: Spotify Advertising

We’ve worked with CNS Media for over a year and in that time have seen the performance of our digital activity improve month on month. The team are great to work with, they’re straight talking and down to earth which is refreshing

The Loughborough Building Society

When I first got in touch with CNS, the brief I gave them for my website was all around the way I wanted the site to make visitors feel. I had ideas around the general look and feel but gave the team at CNS the freedom to get creative. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result: a professional, edgy website with all the features we asked for and more.

Go Wild Experiences

CNS Media developed the concept and platform for Kesseler for a new website to give a much smoother customer journey to show the models, styles, finishes and colours of Kesseler’s luxury kitchens. CNS Media have been attentive, responsive and gone the extra mile in understanding the Kesseler concept and how it is delivered to clients, to ensure the website met with those demands, and despite a few changes and some alterations along the way, CNS Media have delivered an exceptional website that we are very happy with.

Kesseler Kitchens

Having worked with CNS Media on a number of projects, including website development and digital marketing, each time, CNS Media has met the brief and exceeded our expectations in what they can deliver – and ultimately, how their strategies can better our business. Communication and support has been consistent throughout each project, and in respect to digital marketing, a full debrief and results analysis has been scheduled every time one of our campaigns comes to an end. It’s an absolute pleasure working in partnership with, for us, a reputable organisation within the digital sector.

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