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Adverts on taxis in Sussex reach huge audiences every day as they are out and about. On average, UK taxis make around 200,000 journeys every day, travelling 3.2 miles per trip per taxi.

Spending over 95% of their time in the city centre, taxis advertising in Sussex offer unrivalled coverage by targeting mass volumes of consumers. They offer exterior branding whilst reaching valuable ABC1 professional audiences through interior taxi marketing in Sussex with branded tip seats and receipts – over 80% of this group say they can instantly recall a brand they have seen using taxi advertising.

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No Avoiding Taxi Adverts in Sussex

Taxi advertising in Sussex is unavoidable no matter where you’re located. 

Taxi ranks saturate city centres and are found in busy business districts, outside shopping centres, bars, restaurants, pubs, train stations, airports and tourist attractions.

Cost Effective

Advertising on taxi sides in Sussex is a cost-effective way to promote your brand on the move. This dynamic media format delivers high-frequency promotion for short to medium-term campaigns. Advertising on taxi supersides in Sussex provides a maximum impact advertising opportunity, and clients often use this eye-level platform to boost a livery campaign or saturate cities with short, sharp bursts.

Great Exposure in Sussex

Taxi advertising in Sussex provides great exposure for your brand or product. Taxi custom is unrivalled as they are used every single day throughout the year.

Mobile or stationary, taxis don’t need to be moving to generate awareness of your brand. They can go to those hard to reach places where buses may not necessarily be able to get to, meaning they can be more effective.

Taxi advertising in Sussex targets professional ABC1 passengers in a captive environment who are seeking a distraction from their journey and have purchasing power and money to spend.

It also targets those who more than likely carry a smartphone and can drive business straight to your site through QR codes and web addresses

Book your taxi campaign in Sussex with CNS Media and get your campaign on the road!

We’ve worked with CNS Media for over a year and in that time have seen the performance of our digital activity improve month on month. The team are great to work with, they’re straight talking and down to earth which is refreshing

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When I first got in touch with CNS, the brief I gave them for my website was all around the way I wanted the site to make visitors feel. I had ideas around the general look and feel but gave the team at CNS the freedom to get creative. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result: a professional, edgy website with all the features we asked for and more.

Go Wild Experiences

CNS Media developed the concept and platform for Kesseler for a new website to give a much smoother customer journey to show the models, styles, finishes and colours of Kesseler’s luxury kitchens. CNS Media have been attentive, responsive and gone the extra mile in understanding the Kesseler concept and how it is delivered to clients, to ensure the website met with those demands, and despite a few changes and some alterations along the way, CNS Media have delivered an exceptional website that we are very happy with.

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Having worked with CNS Media on a number of projects, including website development and digital marketing, each time, CNS Media has met the brief and exceeded our expectations in what they can deliver – and ultimately, how their strategies can better our business. Communication and support has been consistent throughout each project, and in respect to digital marketing, a full debrief and results analysis has been scheduled every time one of our campaigns comes to an end. It’s an absolute pleasure working in partnership with, for us, a reputable organisation within the digital sector.

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