CNS Media provide graphic design and branding services to businesses in Chesterfield and have many nationwide clients

Creative Design with a Scientific Approach

We are a full service marketing agency primarily focused on creating sales enquiries and opportunities for your business in Chesterfield – the marketing strategy comes first and then the design is created to complement this. While our designers are very creative, they are led by a scientific approach to capture as many good quality enquiries as possible via the press advertisement, billboard, leaflet or whatever type of media they are designing for.

As we have the expertise and capacity to handle all of your marketing requirements under one roof, you can be assured that your brand and message is seamlessly consistent across all forms of media and furthermore that they complement each other, for example a QR code on your leaflet links directly to a specially created landing page on your website, while this sounds like a simple task (and is for us), trying to communicate this via several phone calls or emails between a graphic designer in one office, you in the middle, and a web designer in another office can become very laborious and it is easy for the message to get lost in transation.

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An Image Can Say a Thousand Words

Our licensed online stock image library helps us to select the right image for your campaign quickly and efficiently, so there are no file quality or legal issues to worry about. Unlike many image libraries, the photos are largely of UK origin, making them more relevant to your customers – for example an American house can look very different to an English house, this simple thing could make a really big difference to your campaign if your customers can’t relate to it.

We firmly believe that attention to detail makes a big difference and this is a great example, potential customers must feel at home with your product or service if they are to buy it, and the smallest things can make the difference between alienating them and them identifying with you.

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