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Our approach to web design is different to that of our competitors. We are a full service marketing agency primarily focused on creating sales enquiries and opportunities for your business – the marketing strategy comes first and then the website is created or edited to complement this by capturing as many good quality enquiries as possible.

This is key to all of our marketing solutions, but particularly the website, which is arguably the most important marketing tool you have; it is also unfortunately one of the easiest to get wrong – a beautiful looking website isn’t neccessarily going to make the phone ring!

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Responsive Designs

The use of mobile phones and tablets is ever increasing, with over 60% of all of our clients’ websites’ traffic coming in via mobile devices. Mobile devices are often constrained by display size and ideally require a different screen layout to avoid a lot of ‘pinching and zooming’, which is where responsive website design comes in. At CNS Media we make sure that your website will respond to fit whatever browser it is viewed on, whether it be today on an iPhone or in the future on a device that hasn’t been launched yet.

As all of our designs are bespoke, from the very start of the project we consider how your site will look and work on a mobile, particularly the all-important calls to action. As regular mobile web users ourselves, we have grown to hate it when a mobile website contains a stripped-down version of the information – so we don’t make them anymore! If you want your website to look great on any device and be responsive to the changing times and ever increasing variety of mobile screen sizes then get in touch with CNS Media today!

Content Management System (CMS)

Time and again, people in West Country contact us because they want to update the content of their websites, and their current developers are charging a fortune for content changes. At CNS Media, our simple content management system makes it very easy for anyone to update their own website content at their convenience, which is key to ensuring that the content remains up-to-date and relevant.

All of our websites come with some form of CMS, which works in your favourite browser (even on your phone, of course) and doesn’t require any specialist software or a web designer to update the content. We also provide training on how to use the Content Management System yourself, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to keep on top of your business online.

Search Engine Optimsation (SEO)

As a business owner in West Country, you understand the importance of getting your website listed ‘organically’ on the first page of Google when your relevant keywords are searched. The internet is the first place that people turn to when they are looking for products and services, and most do not look beyond this first page. So, if you aren’t on that first page, you aren’t likely to bring in much new business. In fact, Google estimates that the top 3 results receive around 80% of traffic, which further highlights the importance of your digital strategy.

The term ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is, to be honest, an over-used and out-dated term which suggests there is some magic way of getting to the top of Google – there are loads of ranking factors that determine where you place, and Google is very protective over its ranking algorithms. For us, the technical structure of your website and whether you have a responsive, mobile optimised website are two important factors, alongside useful, relevant content. We would be delighted to share our thoughts on this further.

Never Miss An Enquiry

Our web forms constructively ensure that customers provide all the relevant information you need to be able to respond to them quickly and efficiently – this is a must to ensure good conversion rates.

Whilst our geographic tracking numbers can also quickly identify where your telephone enquiries originated too, we can change the phone number the customer sees when they are responding to a particular marketing campaign in a particular town – importantly without costing you or the customer a fortune in call charges.

Recent Work

We’ve worked with CNS Media for over a year and in that time have seen the performance of our digital activity improve month on month. The team are great to work with, they’re straight talking and down to earth which is refreshing

The Loughborough Building Society

When I first got in touch with CNS, the brief I gave them for my website was all around the way I wanted the site to make visitors feel. I had ideas around the general look and feel but gave the team at CNS the freedom to get creative. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result: a professional, edgy website with all the features we asked for and more.

Go Wild Experiences

CNS Media developed the concept and platform for Kesseler for a new website to give a much smoother customer journey to show the models, styles, finishes and colours of Kesseler’s luxury kitchens. CNS Media have been attentive, responsive and gone the extra mile in understanding the Kesseler concept and how it is delivered to clients, to ensure the website met with those demands, and despite a few changes and some alterations along the way, CNS Media have delivered an exceptional website that we are very happy with.

Kesseler Kitchens

Having worked with CNS Media on a number of projects, including website development and digital marketing, each time, CNS Media has met the brief and exceeded our expectations in what they can deliver – and ultimately, how their strategies can better our business. Communication and support has been consistent throughout each project, and in respect to digital marketing, a full debrief and results analysis has been scheduled every time one of our campaigns comes to an end. It’s an absolute pleasure working in partnership with, for us, a reputable organisation within the digital sector.

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