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Sound out your Edinburgh audience when they’re all ears.
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Sound out your Edinburgh audience when they’re all ears.

Audiences become totally engrossed in podcasts in Edinburgh. And not only are they engaged by the content they’re listening to, they are trusting of it too. This is where adverts can play their own part of that experience.

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48% say they pay more attention to podcast ads than any other form of media and 86% recall adverts from podcasts (over +6% more than any other media).

We’ll make you a lead vocalist, not a backup.

What We do

We’ll make you a lead vocalist, not a backup.

Podcasts aren’t just background noise, they are the main event. And with them running on average only 3-4 minutes worth of adverts per hour, you can rest assured this is an environment with plenty of room to shine.  

We can help you increase your brand awareness and affinity in Edinburgh by getting you in front of your audience when they are most engaged. 

Generally podcast hosts will read adverts that are right for their personal brand. This ensures all host-read adverts are authentically apt for their environment!

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How we do it

We get you in front of the right audience for your brand.

Working with various podcast providers we can ensure you’re getting in front of the right audience in Edinburgh. 

With podcast advertising in Edinburgh, you can choose how you tune into your audience. From the standard ‘in play’ advert to host-read sponsorship, there is an option for every budget, location and targeting need. 

We’re happy to recommend a campaign based on your requirements.


increase in unique website users.


saving on previous campaigns.


increase in website enquiries.


increase in turnover, year on year.

Our Services

Our digital marketing services are designed to help your business grow.

Our work

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