Cinema Advertising

71% of people within the UK watched advertisements before the main feature

Cinema Advertising

The digital revolution has opened up a whole new method to target your key audience this is now also opening up a whole new range of low cost advertising opportunities at cinemas nationwide.

Your campaign may not necessarily require targeting the city, town or region and when in actual fact the majority of your custom may come from within just your immediate catchment area?

CNS Media can provide structured and comprehensive cinema advertising campaigns on local or national level each and every month. Thousands of cinema goes are right on your doorstep with over 75% of 15+ ages stating they visit the cinema at least once per year.

We can utilise the very same high end projection that is used during the main features, which ensures the on-screen quality is second to none and offers you the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd, creating your own box office hit!
Cinema advertising delivers maximum impact and minimal wastage, and even during the recession cinema audiences continued to grow, with major UK advertisers spending millions of pounds annually.

Why not get started on your own box office hit, to get started all we need to do is create a suitable script with you, along with a range of high resolution pictures and our in-house team can then create your very own advert. We can even brief your own production sources should you wish to put the advert together internally.

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