Reached 16,500 potential learners in 7 months

This particular University, is one of the country's leading universities, specialising in Art and Technology.

The Objectives

  • Increase search results for all courses
  • Generate a higher number of impressions
  • Ensure budgets are not exceeded

The Solution

  • Create a structured AdWords campaign
    By creating a structured AdWords campaign for our University, we were able to target specific audiences, this, in turn, allowed us to minimise wastage and ensure that potential students are being targeted to make sure the university exceeds recruitment targets.
  • Target specific keywords that lead to the most economical CTR
    Ensuring that the keywords we utilise in the search campaign are relevant within niche sectors, we were able to reduce costs and increase conversions.

The Result

  • Generated over 16,500 clicks across all course search adverts
  • Advert average cost per click £2.55
  • Generated over 800,000 impressions, providing subliminal branding and awareness of the Universities course programmes
  • Over 14% of traffic generated remained on site for over 2 minutes, ensuring that the adverts displaying on the search network are very relevant to the potential learner

Since November 2015 we have run numerous search campaigns for central marketing, and college faculties at the University, working within the budgets allocated by the University teams. This has enabled us to generate incredible results and a cost effective marketing solution.

Next steps for the University's Search Campaign

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