Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

by CNS Media

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

In April last year, Google decided that they were going to cut out all websites that did not conform to their mobile-friendly checks from their search results whilst using a mobile device.

This meant that if your website was not mobile-friendly then potential customers who would use Google search engines would be unable to find your website easily, this was based on you being indirectly penalised for your website coming up as non-friendly within mobile devices, ultimately resulting in lower click through rates and a potential loss of income.

Although many websites now comply with the fact that they need to be mobile-friendly, there are still many that do not or are unaware of Google’s mobile friendly checks.

The problem this brings, is that your business could be missing out on valuable custom due to the fact they are unaware about your existence online.

We are often asked what the best method is to solve this problem and the answer is relatively simple… update your website to be mobile friendly.

With around 75% of all web traffic now coming through mobile devices, it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your website meets the guidelines that Google outline, after all this is the worlds most used search engine.

Most web users coming into 2016 expect to view a website easily on a mobile device without the need of pinching the screen to zoom in so that they can see the content clearly.

To find out more on making your website mobile-friendly, speak to a friendly member of the team at CNS Media on 01246 860057 or using our contact form here in the time it’s taken you to read this, you may have missed out on quite a few clicks through to your website!

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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