CNS Media Does Movember 2015

by CNS Media

CNS Media Does Movember 2015

You may have noticed from our Facebook page that CNS Media have decided to take part in Movember this year but instead of doing the same old ‘shave on the 1st November and keep growing until the end of the month’ we decided to get you guys involved!

For those not familiar with Movember, it is a charity event which lasts throughout November where participants start 1st November clean shaven and go throughout the rest of the month without shaving their moustache with some opting to style their moustache at the end of the month. It is all done with the aim of raising money and awareness for Pancreatic Cancer which in our eyes is a great cause!

To put a twist on things at CNS, we decided to nominate one team member… Our choice was our Graphic Designer, Liam who was chosen to be the candidate to grow a ‘mo this year; we also decided that we would post a selection of moustaches for you to pick which would determine the style of moustache Liam has to don at the end of the month to get you all involved and make it a little more interesting.

Liam has set himself a goal to raise £500 by the end of November with his Movember page accepting all donations no matter how small, every little helps!

To make a donation, please go on the link below…
Make a donation

Check back here at the end of the month to find how what moustache was chosen for Liam and for the total amount raised for a great cause!

Take a look at our poster here

CNS Media Does Movember 2015

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