Bing Ads & SEO

“Bing accounts for almost 33% market share in search engine results”

Not only do we utilise other search engine networks for advertising purposes, we also undertake and implement strategic advertising campaigns via the Bing search network.

The Bing advertising network works very similar to other PPC advertising platforms and we ensure that the advert is strong and relevant to your campaign and business to maximise lead generation.

When undertaking any PPC campaign through Bing we ensure that the following aspects are considered:

  • Select strong keywords and phrases that support your Ad to ensure that potential customers recognise your brand and products.
  • It is important that any ad also provides information about your USP and we ensure that this message is highly visible.
  • It is important that you drive people to make or influence a decision and any PPC campaign we create will display clear calls to action
  • Ad extensions would be placed within all ads to boost your ad and to provide potential customers with further options to visit your site, extensions would also make your ads prominent and larger on SERPs giving you an advantage over your competitors.
  • We build relevant ad groups to help monitor traffic flow and to judge which campaigns, keywords and phrases are providing ROI
  • Specific landing pages are selected to ensure that your ad is as relevant as possible to provide you with a stronger quality score and to ensure your potential customers are gaining the information that they originally searched.

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The Bing advertising network is an ideal platform for your organisation to boost sales and leads. If you would like further information about advertising and utilising Bing, contact CNS Media.

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