Ad Vans

Ad Vans operate nationwide and are used as mobile billboards, but can equally be used in a stationary manner to promote your message.

Ad Vans

Ad Vans provide you with the flexibility to put your message where you want it, when you want it, ensuring the audience you want to attract is targeted. Due to the mobility we can place your advertisement in high profile locations where your audience dwells or your competitors operate, such as main routes into cities, towns, busy carriageways, high streets, retail parks and shopping centres. There is no doubt that when faced by a huge 20ft x 10ft advert, people will see it and will read it!

Ad Vans also have backlighting giving you the option to carry out promotional campaigns during the evening hours and creating a stand out message to your customers.

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DigiVans have full video and audio capabilities allowing us to transmit to your target audience. They are also an exciting platform for interaction, which can further reinforce the advertiser’s brand with the general public. Digivans are very interactive and can draw your audience to them with the use of touch-screen technology or by using games consoles. This allows your audience to take part in immersive activities in real time to engage them further.

DigiVans can display a full range of media including video, slide shows, presentations, plain text, along with PDF and JPEG files. Digivans provide great flexibility and artwork can be rotated throughout the day or depending on the area of operation at no additional costs. You even have the option to display real time camera feeds or online content.

Our DigiVans also have Bluetooth capabilities. This allows you to beam out a personalised message to the audience that have Bluetooth handsets. Again this is another great method of interaction with the general public.

Backlit AdVans

Backlit AdVans deliver mobile 48-sheet billboards are ideal to target certain locations at the time you want. The list of potential marketing opportunities with Backlit AdVans is endless, such as hitting your target audience on the high street to make a purchase in your store.

Backlit AdVans also provide rear posters giving you an additional area to display your message. Backlit Advans are great for events in poor light or evening activities, making this a versatile and flexible outdoor marketing solution.

You can also rest assured your AdVans are out on the roads with your campaign, with a unique tracking system using satellite technology.

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